Willian T. A. F. Silva

I am an evolutionary biologist, ecologist and amateur philosopher with a Ph.D. in Evolutionary Genetics from Uppsala University (Sweden). Despite my formal education in evolutionary biology, I am interested in all subjects of science (a.k.a. the study of objective reality), from behavioral psychology to quantum mechanics. I am extremely ignorant of everything, but that is what makes everything interesting to me, so I am always trying to learn about a diverse number of topics. My research focuses on ecological and evolutionary processes and I am particularly interested in developing mathematical models and exploring genomic data to understand those processes. Please read the EvoBioLab research page to know more about the topics I am currently exploring.

My time is usually dedicated to research/educational activities and sports that I practice on a daily basis (climbing, swimming, gymnastics, hiking). I am also constantly fighting against (actively discussing) ideas that are detrimental to humanity, such as religion, racism and sexism. I am a restless advocate for science and reason, freedom of expression, bodily autonomy, and social democracy (as a political model). Please read the EvoBioLab principles page to know more about my life principles.


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